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Current location:Product > Lab Series >“Water purifier” Micro Organic Removal Pyrogen Laboratory Ultrapure Water System

Micro Organic Removal Pyrogen Laboratory Ultrapure Water System


Application:Apply for HPLC、TOC、PCR、AAS


water purifier products water purifier products water purifier products

I.  Model
   WP-WLYJ-10    WP-WLYJ-20    WP-WLYJ-30    WP-WLYJ-40

II. Application 
  Apply for HPLC、TOC、PCR、AAS

III. Specifications
1. Feed water: City tap water
nbsp;    Water temperature: 1-45℃
     Water pressure: 0.1-0.5Mpa
2.Product Water Delivery: 10L/H、20L/H、30L/H、40L/H (four types for choosing);
Product Water Quality:
     Conductivity of  pure water≤10μs/cm@25℃,
     Salt rejection rate ≥99%
     Resistivity of ultrapure water: 18.25MΩ.cm@25℃,
    It reached the criterion of CAP,ASTM,NCCLS and the criterion of China's national electronic
  first grade ultrapure water.
    Particle(>0.1μm) 1/ml 
    Pyrogen <0.001Eu/ml
    Microbe <1cfu/ml
    TOC ≤1-3ppb;
Metal cation (PPb):
    Fe<0.005   Cu<0.005   Al<0.005   Ni<0.005 
    Zn<0.02    Cr<0.005   Na<0.01    K<0.02;
Metal anion (PPb):
    Cl-<0.01     NO2-<0.02   NO3- <0.02   SO42-<0.01;       
    4.Flow rate in L/min: 1.5-2.0L/min;
5. Voltage: 220V/50Hz,Wattage: 30W-75W;      
    6. Dimension: 500mm*480mm*600mm (L * W * H), Weight: 35-40 kg.
IV. Features
1. SCM full automatically controlled, touch bottom operating system;
2. Conductivity meter always on-line monitoring the ultra-pure water quality and display its parameters;
3. Designed with two intakes for pure water and ultra-pure water;
4. Adopted unique double membrane process, which makes the consumable has long service time and improves the quality of the production water; 
5. Functions with power on self-test, automatic circulation flush and discharge, water shortage protection, power-off protection, full water protection, ultra-low voltage protection, automatic RO membrane cleaning, etc.;
6, Integrated pretreatment system and the built-in 20L vacuum pressure water tank, which make the machine well-formed as well as compact;
7. Built-in 20 inch large capacity pretreatment system, which can remove the impurities and the particulate matter effectively;
8. Built-in 20 inch large capacity ultrapure water system, which makes the machine a longer service time;
9. Build-in UV sterilization systems with the wave length of 185 nm and 254 nm;
10. Adopted Germany-made 0.22 um ultimate filter(Capsule type pyrogen filter).
11. Adopted reverse osmosis piezometer, which can judge the operating pressure of the hyperfiltration membrane
    and pollution & plugging all times.

All the material will be double-checked by Quality department and Production department.
The production line is controlled by engineers to ensure every details.
Every engineer will be charge of their own products always.

Every product will be finished under the cooperation of six departments.
Every product strictly tested by Quality department to reach the national standard


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