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Dialysis Machine Supporting Pure Water System for Hospital Laboratory


Application:Suitable for Dialysis Machine from Ganbro, Fresenius, Nikkiso, Braun, Nipro, Baxter, Bellco, Toray , Landwino,Chongqing Shanwaishan ,Chongqing duotai,Wesley etc.Dialysis Machine Supporting Pure Water System for Hospital Laboratory.


appearance 2500L/H BIG TYPE

I. Features:
1, Meets or exceeds U.S. AAMI dialysis water standard and U.S.ASAIO dialysis water requirement.
2,Double pass R.O(ultrapure) product water to meet HDF water quality
3, Product water quality :
Microbe rejection rate: ≥99%; ETX rejection rate: ≥99%; Metal iron and salt rejection >98%-99%; Organic pollutant rejection ≥99%
4, System evacuation ≥99%; waste water recovery rate≥75%; periodical feeding supply adopted to make the system all useful water.
5, Easy operation and Maintenance machine. fully automatic controlled PLC/IC program, with pre-treatment system self-flush and regeneration function.
6,Pure water quantity and delivery self-control system with water shortage protection, ultra-low & ultra-high voltage protection function.
7, Automatic cleaning, disinfection and pure water recycling functions during standby model to minimize bacteria growth.
8,System full-auto chemically disinfection, timely self-flush to keep machine always clean and safe.
9, High quality reverse osmosis membrane, high pressure pumps, UV sterilizers, controllers and other assembly parts.
10, The system adopted powder coated carbon steel cabinet type one-piece design, which makes the machine well-formed and compact. Conductivity meter always on-line monitoring the water quality and display its parameters.
II. Application:
Suitable for Dialysis Machine from Ganbro, Fresenius, Nikkiso, Braun, Nipro, Baxter, Bellco, Toray , Landwino,Chongqing Shanwaishan,Chongqing duotai,Wesley etc.
Dialysis Machine Supporting Pure Water System for Hospital Laboratory.
III. System components:
1,Media filters (with automatic flushing device): Remove particulate impurities, manganese ions.
2,Activated carbon filter (with automatic flushing device): Clear chlorine organics ion.
3,Softening filters (with automatic flushing reproducing apparatus): Clear calcium and magnesium ion, reducing raw water hardness.
4,The reverse osmosis hosts (imported reverse osmosis membrane components): Removal ions, bacteria, heat, etc.
5,Constant pressure water supply of pure water supply section (full cycle)
6,Controller: automatic control system
7,Disinfected system: fully auto-controlled disinfect system, safe and convenient.
IV. Water production (L/H) 25℃ the applicable number of beds.
Model                  L/H         LXWXH (mm)        Support beds
WLS-ROII-300          ≧150      1450X690X1300            9
WLS-ROII-500          ≧300      2080X690X1640            16
WLS-ROII-600          ≧500      2480X780X1640            18
WLS-ROII-750          ≧750      2480X780X1640            24
WLS-ROII-1000        ≧1000      2880X780X1640            32
WLS-ROII-1250        ≧1250      2880X780X1640            40
WLS-ROII-1500        ≧1500      2880X780X1640            48
WLS-ROII-2000        ≧2000      3200X780X1640            64
WLS-ROII-2500        ≧2500      3200X780X1640            80

All the material will be double-checked by Quality department and Production department.
The production line is controlled by engineers to ensure every details.
Every engineer will be charge of their own products always.

Every product will be finished under the cooperation of six departments.
Every product strictly tested by Quality department to reach the national standard


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