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“Wesley”Dialysis machine

Application:Intelligent operation system; Easy operation with visual and audio alarms; Multi-purpose service/maintenance interface; Profiling: sodium concentration and UF curve;


厂房大门-3000平米 办公集锦 办公集锦

Intelligent operation system; Easy operation with visual and audio alarms; Multi-purpose service/maintenance interface; Profiling: sodium concentration and UF curve;
Main performance of this device:

1. Self-checking function;
2. Carbonate dialysis;
3. Double needle dialysis;
4. Liquid level detector;
5. Bubble detector;
6. Blood leakage detector;
7. Temperature and electric conductivity monitoring;
8. Arterial pressure, venous pressure and transmembrane pressure monitoring;
9. Rolling blood pump;
10. Heparin pump;
11. Dehydration amount controlled by capacity;
12. Automatic disinfection cleaning program;
13. Stand-by power of blood pump in case of power failure;
14. Information display function of display screen.
*This device is designed and manufactured in strict accordance with the
Requirements of national laws and regulations. The reference standards of design and manufacture are following: GB9706.1-2007; GB9706.2-2003; and YY0054-2003.
Technical Parameter
Size &Weight:
Size: 380mmx400x1380mm (L*W*H);
Area: 500*520mm;
Weight: 88KG;
Power supply:
AC220V, 50Hz/60Hz, 10A
Input power: 1500W
Back-up battery: 30 minutes
Working Condition:
Water input pressure: 0.1Mpa~0.6Mpa, 15P.S.I~60P.S.I
Water input temperature: 5℃~30℃
Working environment temperature: 10℃~30℃ at relative humidity ≦70%
UF rate:
Flow range: 0ml/h~4000ml/h
Resolution ratio: 1ml
Precision: ±30ml/h
Blood pump &Spare pump:
Blood pump flow range: 20ml/min~400ml/min (diameter: 6mm)
Spare pump flow range: 30ml/min~600ml/min (diameter 8mm)
Resolution ratio: 0.1ml
Precision: ±10ml or 10% of reading
Heparin pump:
Syringe size: 20, 30, 50ml
Flow range: 0ml/h~10ml/h
Resolution ratio: 0.1ml
Precision: ±5%
Monitoring system &Alarm setup:
Venous pressure: -180mmHg ~ +600mmHg, ±10mmHg
Arterial pressure: -380mmHg ~ +400mmHg, ±10mmHg
TMP   pressure: -180mmHg ~ +600mmHg, ±20mmHg
Dialysate temperature: preset range 34.0℃~39.0℃
Blood leak detection: Photo chromic alarm when erythrocyte specific volume is 0.32±0.02 or blood leak volume is equal or more than 1ml per liter of dialysate.
Bubble detection: Ultrasonic, Alarm when a single air bubble volume is more than 200μl at 200ml/min blood flow
Conductivity: Acoustic-optic
1. Heat disinfection:
Time: 30 minutes; Temperature: about 80℃, at flow rate 500ml/min;
2. Chemical disinfection:
Time: 30minutes, Temperature: about 36℃~50℃, at flow rate 500ml/min;
3. Chemical disinfection with heat:
Time: 45minutes, Temperature: about 36℃~80℃, at flow rate 50ml/min;
4. Rinse:
Time: 10minutes, Temperature: about 37℃, at flow rate 800ml/min;
Storage Environment:
Storage temperature should be between 5℃~40℃, at relative humidity ≦80%

All the material will be double-checked by Quality department and Production department.
The production line is controlled by engineers to ensure every details.
Every engineer will be charge of their own products always.

Every product will be finished under the cooperation of six departments.
Every product strictly tested by Quality department to reach the national standard


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