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“Water purifier”Disinfect & Rinse Exclusive Use Water Treating Equipment for Hospital Supply Room


Application:Apply for HPLC、TOC、PCR、AAS、ICP、ICP-MS, gas chromatography, amino acid analysis, DNA recombinate and study, ultra trace inorganic substance analyze and organic analysis, trace inorganic substance analyze and organic analysis, etc.


water purifier products water purifier products  

    “Water purifier” medical pure water system adopted the most advanced reverse osmosis membrane , high-pressure pump and other equipments in the world, equips with the reasonable, efficient pretreatment equipments and disinfect system, the quality of the product water reach the standard of hospital disinfect and rinsing water standard, this machine accord with the GMP standard.
I.Model No.
WP-QX-150(product water delivery 150L/H)    
WP-QX-300(product water delivery 300L/H)   
WP-QX-500(product water delivery 500L/H)
WP-QX-750(product water delivery 750L/H)   
WP-QX-1000(product water delivery 1000L/H)
II. Application:
    As a support instrument to supply the pure water for the disinfect equipment from STERIS, Belimed, Getinge, SHINVA, Laoken,Jianghan,Kunshan, Qianyin,Baixiang;
1. Supply pure water to hospital supply disinfect room, hospital manufacturing laboratory, operating room ,etc.;
2. Supply pure water to pharmaceutical enterprise which use the pure water to dosing fluid, oral, Mixed solvent, etc.
III. Feed water:
               City tap water, 
               Pressure: 0.2Mpa-0.4Mpa,
               Water temperature: 1-45℃,
               Connector above DN25.
               Water examination report needed if adopted other source of water;
IV. Product Water Quality:
Conductivity ≤15μs/cm@25℃ (customize available);
V. Size and Product Water Delivery
     Size: 1250mm×550mm×1600mm                     Water Delivery: 150L/H-500L/H;
     Size: 1500mm×600mm ×1600mm                    Water Delivery: 750L/H-1000L/H;
VI. Technological process   
     city tap water→raw water pump→multi-media filter→active carbon filter→softening filter→cartridge filter→high-pressure pump→Ro reverse osmosis→pure water tank→delivery pump→cleaning water.
VII. Features
1. Product water reached the hospital disinfection rinse water criterion;
2. “Wortel” patent special deep desalination process technology is more suitable for the high salinity feed water area like north of China, moreover this technology makes the operation cost lower;
3. Full-automatic control technical meets the GLP safety requirements.The pretreatment system has the function of automatic flushing and regeneration, self-control for pure water tank liquid level and the pure water transport;
4. Visual display for the operating state and easy operation;
5.Functions with power on self-test, water shortage protection, power-off protection, full water protection, ultra-low voltage protection, automatic RO membrane cleaning, etc.;
6.Adopted world-class components such as the reverse osmosis module, high-pressure pump, UV sterilizers, controller, 100% ensure the product performance;
7. High-precision conductivity meter monitoring the product water online and show its parameters,  and can test water quality timely;
8. Customize available.
Optional accessories (additional charge needed)
1. Feed water pressurization system (needed when pressure of feed water below 0.2Mpa);        
2.The materials and volume of the water tank selectable.

All the material will be double-checked by Quality department and Production department.
The production line is controlled by engineers to ensure every details.
Every engineer will be charge of their own products always.

Every product will be finished under the cooperation of six departments.
Every product strictly tested by Quality department to reach the national standard


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