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What should we do when pure water machine is leaking

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Professor Ma,

  What should we do when pure water machine is leaking ?

  It is common to find pure water machine is leaking after long time using, no matter it’s a Lab used Ultra-pure water machine or home used pure water machine . There are several phenomenons and solutions :
  1. connection part of hose couple is leaking .
Generally it is because the hose couple didn’t put in place, the you only need to reinsert the hose and it inserted in place with handle, if it still leaking after lock then it better to check : a) weather there is sundry inside , if yes then wipe out b) weather the surface of hose is broken, if yes, replace it with a new one and operate according to instruction

  2. Diaphragm pump is leaking .
Remove the diaphragm for professional repair or replace with a new one . Remark : recheck leaking situation is necessary after repair . Methods : step 1, wipe the residual water with dry cloth; step 2, use dry tissue to touch the joint and see if it’s wetted by water .

  3.RO membrane shells or other threaded joint leakage.

  4.if you could not judge the situation then contact our after-sales engineers directly .

s Twist out the joint, winding new water tape and tighten again.


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