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Wortel -- Special Interview with CCTV

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CCTV Interview: “Wortel” Inherit the Future by the Quality

Source:"Water purifier"News Click Rate:151Date:2015-07-13

CCTV report :

   Sichuan Wortel Water Treatment Equipment co., LTD. is engaged in the production of ultrapure water equipment, research and development, and it is a science and technology enterprise who focuses on both manufacture and trading. Since its establishment , WORTEL takes "science and technology creates brand, reputation makes development" as the companys brand concept. Every created product win the market by it’s excellent technical innovation and technology . As the chairman Lei Qiduo said "provides customers with satisfactory products” ,this is a consistent development strategy in WORTEL, also is a kind of enterprise spirit heritage .

Strive for Excellent , Keep on Innovation

  Time flies , it has been 10 years since WORTEL established . It was a tough decade, because every single decision request careful consideration in products improvement and Brand building . “there were too many difficulties during our development process ,especially the decision of Lab precision instrument manufacture brings heavy challenge and pressure because there are many mature international companies in this business , but we think it’s necessary to produce Chinese satisfied domestic Brand . In the long run , it’s a process to gather experience on quality , we would rather to keep an eye on our works step by step before we strong enough .” CEO Lei looked back this 10 years.

  For the expanding decade , “STEADY” is the best word to describe WORTEL. It is a valuable character for a company who unwilling to ordinary and keeps pursuit excellent. Good Quality always be one of the key competitiveness in WORTEL products. From raw material to finished product, WORTEL team control the quality strictly and chairman Lei also treat that as primarily work.

The Chairman of WORTEL -- Qiduo Lei

keep on innovation is our endless power

  Innovation is another key competitiveness to stress WORTEL growing up steadily . Which means new products’ R&D. Rome wasn’t built in a day , just as R&D progress have to be settled step by step , WORTEL invest a lot of time and energy on R&D improvement, all new products contains WORTEL team’s effort. Every part of WORTEL products get through quality test from technical , raw material, artificial ,even to assembly. After the market test, WORTEL Ultra-pure water system shows great steady quality and wins a lot of praise from customers which is WORTEL’s greatest glory.

  "in my opinion , Brand is the one who should be responsible for every product and customer’s trust . Excellent products always attractive and improves sale condition , vice versa. This is WORTEL characteristic " Lei said. Lei also said there will be new products in the fair .

Opportunities always favor people who have got ready

2014 is a very important time for WORTEL , in order to further improve company , Lei made a series adjustment to optimize management , including products R&D process, connection between sales and factory, management process ect. Formal management saves spirit to make whole company focus on productivity enhancement and brand construction

  After-sale service is also a very important part in WORTEL market management. 12 new office fund in this year , they will service customers well and find solution more quickly .

Looking forward to the future , Full of confidence

2014 is a harvest year from WORTEL. “This is only the beginning” Lei side, market keeps changing which bring opportunity and challenge to WORTEL at the same time . 2015, WORTEL will enhance cooperation with major companies both in overseas and domestic , to find high quality partner and win a bigger success together .

  10 years of experience, WORTEL is strong enough to fight in the market and believe it will be better .

These years , WORTEL is always active in social activities and takes responsibility for social development . CCTV affirmed WORTEL’s contribution for China’s environmental protection and admire the cooperation mode between company and customer. At last , 2015 is WORTEL’s decennial, Lei hope to promote in-depth cooperation with more government department and enterprises and make contribution for the development of domestic laboratory instruments industry.


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