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Reported By International Online

  Sichuan Wortel Water Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd. has a ten-year history, and it develops with the concept of Technology, Innovate, Reputation, and Customers first, which makes WORTEL become a well- known brand in China.

WORTEL’s goal

  2014 is a big harvest year for WORTEL, and this only a begin, because our industry will face different change, that will be a challenge for WORTEL, and in some degree , it is a chance for WORTEL. WORTEL gain the good chance with a good way of manager, trading, sale. So in 2015, WORTEL will keep the good way, and find and create more and better way to open domestic and oversea market. That will be the inevitable trend to be Chinese major brand in 3 years.


  Innovation is the necessary factor to promote WORTEL develop and expand business.

Since 2005, WORTEL insists innovate always, never stop research new products and new technology, what’s more, WORTEL gained many Utility Model Patent Certificate. every WORTEL engineer spend lots of energy and time to ensure the Innovation and high quality before the products enter the market. WORTEL guarantee their every single product, just like the Director Manager, Mr. Lei Qiduo says “ Provide customers satisfied products”. This is WORTEL’s development strategy, and enterprise culture.

High-quality and Reasonable quotation:

  The high-quality and reasonable quotation are the most important facts for WORTEL quick development. WORTEL is very proud of their every strict processes from the imported high quality material, the trading for every engineer. Every step could reach the national quality standard, and just because of this WORTEL can have so long history and well-know in China.


  WORTEL always treasure talented people and pay the attention on creating their staffs. There are series of training for senior and new staffs, like the directional training institutions from domestic first-class marketing organization and human resources training company or training by stages, independent course selection, centralism teaching, practice investigation, and organize the staff into the 阿里巴巴 each headquarters, Southwestern Finance and Economics University, and other enterprises and colleges and universities to operating study. From these trainings, WORTEL’s staff can dig out their deep talents, find a better position, and WORTEL is their future platform.


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