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Ultrapure Water Machine for Cell Culture

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Professor Ma,

   The reason why pure water has to be used in the experiment of bacterial cells is that if there is any infectant bacteria existed in cell culture medium or culture, they will inhibit cell’s growth ,even call the death of cell . Some other cell will be affected by ion concentration during it’s growth, so that pure water which strictly removed the impurities,bacteria and the particulate matter by Ultra-pure water system can be used in cell culture. According to the result of relevant analyzer, the purity of pure water should be TOC≦50ppb, bacteria<5CFU/ml, resistivity >10MOΩ.cm.

“Wortel” Micro Organic Removal Pyrogen Laboratory Ultra-pure Water System is the perfect Ultra-pure water equipment which suitable for cell culture, tissue culture, protein detection, amino acid analysis, HPLC, TOC, PCR, AAS, ICP, ICP-MS, gas chromatography, etc. The product water quality quality reach the criterion of CAP,ASTM,NCCLS and the criterion of Chinas national electronic first grade ultra-purewater. TOC ≤1-3ppb; Microbe <1cfu/ml; Resistivity≧18.25MΩ.cm@25℃, Pyrogen <0.001Eu/ml.

“Wortel” Micro Organic Removal Pyrogen Laboratory Ultra-pure Water System built-in 20 inch large capacity pretreatment system and 20 inch large capacity ultrapure water system, which can remove the impurities and the particulate matter effectively and a longer service time. Besides this system build-in UV sterilization systems with the wave length of 185 nm and 254 nm and adopted Germany-made 0.22 um ultimate filter(Capsule type pyrogen filter) to minimize pyrogen and microbe quantity .


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