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Address: Block B - No. 15, High-tech Zone, Jiaolong Industrial area, Qingyang District, Chengdu, China.

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  Located in Block B-15, High-tech Zone, Qingyang District, Jiaolong Industrial area, Chengdu, Sichuan Wortel Water Treatment Equipment Co., LTD is a high tech enterprise for production, development, and trade of water treatment systems. Sichuan Wortel Water Treatment Equipment Co., LTD brings in the world's most advanced water treatment technology, equipment, as well as gather a group of well trained engineers who specialize in the field of manufacture, installation, debugging of water system.
We provide you the systems below:
  (1) Laboratory ultrapure water system: this system is widely used in the laboratories of universities,hospitals, enterprises, official inspection institutions,metallurgy, nonferrous metal, chemical engineering, cosmetic, medicine and health care, health care products, food, beverages, beer, tobacco etc.
  (2). Industrial water purification system: providing the equipment for producing the softened water, pure water, ultra-pure water in the field of chemical, electronic, electroplating, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, cosmetic, medical health, automobile, metallurgy, electricity, etc.
  (3). Medical use pure water system: providing the pure water system which was used as a support equipment for the full automatic biochemical analyzer, full automatic IMMULITE, full automatic disinfect rinse machine in the hospital supply room, haemodialysis control unit.
  (4).Home use pure water system: providing pure water machine, water purifier, water softener, providing the drinking water system for the factories and mines, schools (including the system of direct drinking water, pure water, water purification equipment, Smart IC card control system). Providing water supply system as a tap water pure equipment for the communities, buildings, public places, Providing commercial water pure system, such as providing the production equipment for the factories which produce the pure water, mineral water, bottles (barrels) water.
   Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our development.
  With the extending of global market, Sichuan Wortel Water Treatment Equipment co., LTD enhance management experience and keep bringing up high quality workers to ensure professional-qualified service.
  We will always be here as your trustworthy supplier .
  Headquarters address: Block B-15, High-tech Zone, Qingyang District, Jiaolong Industrial area, Chengdu, Sichuang, PRC
Tel.: 86 28 87070735
Fax: 86 28 86693786
Company: Sichuan Walter Instrument Co., Ltd.
Factory: Sichuan Wortel Water Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd.

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